About the Journal

Scope of journal 

Stolen tools is an anti-racist journal dedicated to centring the voices of racialised minorities within health inequalities research. The journal aims to provide a creative platform for diverse racialised voices to be emotionally expressive about racism rooted in academia, challenge their self-censorship in research and share knowledge in a way which is understandable by a diverse range of voices: not just academics.  

We take inspiration from the Audre Lorde quote, "The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house", by upending traditional journal structures and creating our own tools for sharing knowledge. We will work with authors from the start of their writing journey, recruiting people based on who they are and what they want to say, rather than a completed manuscript. 

Core values 

  • We must take power, we will not be given it. 
  • Led by racialised minorities, we center knowledge production by racialised minorities.  
  • To disrupt the hierarchy of journals and racism in academic publishing.  
  • People outside of higher education settings should have a say in knowledge production. 
  • To be inclusive when we publish, where we practice non-discrimination and collaboration. 
  • Academic knowledge should be free, open and understandable to non-academics.  
  • To be accessible in terms of article translations, writing in lay terms (authors to write a lay summary blog alongside the article), dyslexia adjustments. 
  • To have an open peer review process (our peers are everyone, not just academics). 

We are funded by the King's College Library and the King's College Race Equity and Inclusive Education Fund.